During her first term in the Assembly, Sabrina Cervantes has proven herself to be a responsive and effective advocate for local employers. Sabrina introduced legislation to expand access to tax breaks for local businesses, and she authored a bill, which was signed and chaptered into law, to help small businesses get loans so that they can comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

As our State Assemblymember, Sabrina is working to:
-Support local employers, protect small businesses from tax increases, and promote entrepreneurism.
-Invest in clean energy technology in order to create good-paying green jobs.
-Expand access to college and job-training programs to ensure our workforce can meet the demands of the economy.



Sabrina Cervantes is strongly supported by local teachers because she is fighting to fully fund our system of public education and ensure our local school districts are receiving their fair share of education dollars. The state budget that Sabrina helped negotiate last year includes historic investments in early childhood care and education programs, along with new funding for online educational resources and career pathways programs.



Sabrina Cervantes understands that commuters are losing too much time each day sitting in gridlock. That is why she fought to secure over $427 million in new funding for transportation projects in our district that will reduce traffic and make our roads, bridges, and freeways safer.



Sabrina Cervantes currently serves as Chair of the State Assembly’s Select Committee on Veteran Employment and Education. In this role, she works with leaders from both sides of the aisle to expand access to college and job-training programs for California veterans.

Over her first term in the State Assembly, Sabrina has already delivered for our veterans by working to:

-Secure $2 million in funding to build a Veterans Resource Center at Norco College.
-Create a new certification process for veteran service providers to ensure the brave men and women who have served our country are receiving effective services.
-Author legislation to make it easier for military spouses, who often have to move between states, to become credentialed teachers in California.
-Expand access to veteran-specific job-training programs and worked with local businesses to incentivize the hiring of veterans.
-Improve coordination between state and county agencies related to reducing homelessness among veterans and supported new funding for veteran-specific housing projects.
-Destigmatize and fund mental health counseling services for veterans.



Sabrina Cervantes knows that nothing is more important than keeping our families and neighborhoods safe. As our State Assemblymember, she has authored or co-authored legislation to:

-Give law enforcement more tools to prosecute and deter vehicle break-ins.
-Make it a felony to contact minors over the internet for the purpose of engaging in human trafficking.
-Expedite the process of prosecuting serial perpetrators of sexual battery and statutory rape.
-Crackdown on organized retail theft by closing a loophole to make it a felony.
-Protect victims of domestic violence and give law enforcement more power to track domestic violence incidents involving strangulation.
-Increase access to rape victim counselors at institutions of higher learning.

“I work hard every day to get things done for our district and serve as an independent and effective advocate for Riverside County’s residents in the Assembly. I would be honored to earn your vote.”

-Sabrina Cervantes